PGVirtual Dogs

Game Description

Our virtual games are representations of Dog racing, using pre-recorded footages of real events in HD and Full HD.

The races are preceded by a countdown, during which extremely detailed results and statistics are shown. When the countdown is over, it is no longer possible to place any bets, then the race starts. After which the replay with photo-phinish of the runners and the winning results are displayed.

Over the course of the event, to make it more engaging, the system displayes in overlay the positioning of each runner and predictions for winning bets in real time.


  • Real Race Footages in HD and Full HD

    For a deeper and exciting gaming experience, high-resolution real footages of Dog racing with 6-8 runners have been selected with an amazing variety of details and colors.

  • Positions and Live Odds

    In order to make the vision of the race even more eye catching, a dynamic bar is present that indicates the real-time positioning, frame by frame, of each runner in the race and the odds of the main markets that result winning at that very moment.

  • Markets Offered

    9 markets are present to bet on: Winner, Placed, Show, Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, Box Trifecta, Even/Odd, Under/Over.

  • Customizable Payout

    The PGVirtual platform provide the opportunity to customize the RTP of each game. Further, it’s possible through the back-office to define how balance the odds for each market.

  • Stats and Results

    The PGVirtual plaftform has several channels through whom it is possible to follow the different events available, furnished by a rich range of elements anda data: odds per single market, statistics and previous performance of the runners, racing history and finally the latecomerrs, that is forecasts on the main markets that are not winning for a long time

  • Multi-Event Systems and Bets

    It is possible to combine within the same ticket, forecasts regarding different games. In addition, there is a chance to place a system bet by selecting several forecasts in the same event, combining them with additional selections on other events.

  • Fastbet

    The most skilled player has the chance to place a Fastbet, by typing in the dedicated section the shortcut code related to chosen market.